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Welcome to F & F Investment Group (F & F. I. G.), the facilitators who deliver. F & F. I. G. concerns itself with meeting and exceeding all the tasks needed to run a productive and complete project. F & F. I. G.’s mission is to serve the needs of any group, organization, or person who has projects targeting those communities we serve. Whether it is making a decision, solving a problem, providing operational support, or simply exchanging ideas and information, F & F. I. G. Delivers.

Because the projects we facilitate are yours, F & F. I. G. does not lead the group, nor does it try to distract or to entertain. With complete transparency through one-on-one involvement, we guide you to the most effective and economical outcome.

For over 60 years, the Flemister name has been synonymous with quality service and relationship building in the African, European, and American communities. F & F. I. G. continues this tradition. Owned and operated by the third generation of Flemisters, the two “Flemister Boys” Louis and Mina continue that history and tradition to serve you and our communities effectively.

F & F. I. G. is in “The Business of Trust”.

Thank you.

F & F Management


Best Man Rd, Sinkor Airfield

Monrovia, Liberia Africa

O: (231) 777 444-546 (Lib).

O: (614) 441-9554 (USA).


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